The Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) is designed to ensure protection and coverage to federal employees. Some of the plans are eligible for covering their family members also ensuring complete protection during an accident or illness. The federal employees are highly benefited by the FEHB as it guarantees diverse facilities that the private sector health insurance plans can’t afford. The fehb open season has just begun. Therefore, being a federal employee, choose the current plan considering the marital status and the newly detected health condition of yours and any of the family members.

According to OPM, the open season for the federal Employee Health Benefits has started when the eligible federal employees and pensioners are given the opportunity to- enroll in a plan, change enrollment type, change the current plans, cancel and enrollment etc.

Here, few benefits of FEHB are mentioned—

No physical examination

When the private sector health insurance companies always opt for physical examination before offering the health insurance, the FEHB ensure employees and annuitants with coverage without undergoing any kind of physical examination. They also don’t have any constraint for physical condition, age etc. Withstanding all odds, the FEHB offers a wide range of health insurance plans. Considering some fresh amendments, some of them are cancelable and allowed to change only during the open season.

A flexible health plan for federal employees

Unless you are a temporary, intermediate or a seasonal employee- the FEHB plans are for you as it is a voluntary program and is designed to open to almost all federal servicemen and women. Some of the temporary or seasonal employees are given the chance to receive the plan considering their total work of 130 hours every month and for at least 90 days.

Three levels of FEHB

The federal employees enjoy three levels of FEHB plans. Self Only, Self Plus One and Self and family. The Self Only covers the employee’s health coverage from any disease and accident. This one is the ideal for unmarried or single employees. The self plus one covers the enrollee along with another family member and the third option covers the federal employee along with the whole family.

The given enrollments might differ considering the open season fresh clauses. For that, the federal employees need to follow the OPM website to receive the fresh updates made for the FEHB plans. You can also contact a finance consultant to discuss the plans before enrolling.